Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in Action

This week Dally had her first agility class in more than a month and she was right on target for everything! We got the go-ahead to get back into training a few weeks ago, so I've been trying to build her stamina and muscles back up with longer walks, works up a hill (thank you barrel race training for learning the wonders of hill work), etc., to get everything back in order. Plus, I think she gained a little bit of weight while she was off training, so I gotta get that pretty hour-glass Corgi figure back! ;-)

Mesa, on the other hand, is a terror! She's getting so big and her energy level is through the roof! I think she is now just a little bit taller than Dally in the withers. I'm trying to make sure she's eating enough (but not too much) to keep her nutrition at par. She's graduated from puppy food (Eukanuba) to adult dog food (Natural Holistic), so now she and Dally are eating the same. They're still both being fed breakfast, but they've been backed off of that some. (My family traditionally only feeds their dogs once a day--at night--but we are the type that feeds them table scraps and human food, so don't think we starve them all day long. Trust me, take a look at my mom's chunky English Cocker, and you'd be fine with how we feed our dogs.) I just don't know how I want to proceed with feeding both girls. Dally's perfectly happy with breakfast...of course...she's a Corgi!

I finished the In Focus book Melanie let me borrow, and I feel like I need to read it a second time to really take in everything it was talking about and be able to start applying it to both Mesa and Dally. Due to the lack of free time in my schedule I haven't even begun to look for a new book or DVD to absorb more agility information.

On another note, my boyfriend and I found a house and have been in the process of moving in! Yay for a yard!! I've already moved my agility equipment (set of 12 stick-in-the-ground weave poles, wobble board, baby tunnel) to the house and will soon start working on some things outside, once I'm fully moved in (which will be in the next couple of weeks). Mesa will turn 6-months-old next week (May 10), so hopefully we can move on to more training for Rally and flat work agility training.