Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally! Photos!

I finally received the photos I ordered from the photographer at the Milford CPE Agility Trial back in March--LaMesa's first-ever agility trial. (Granted, I didn't order them until late July, but the photog was on vacation and was able to upload them for me as soon as she got home--good customer service!) I ordered two of LaMesa: one going up the dog walk and one coming out of a tunnel, and one of Dally stepping off the teeter ever-so-dainty.

I love how she's stretching out her front leg here!

I've decided this is what it looks like when a chupacabra is rushing out from the sewers to attack its prey. ;-)

She looks so small here!

I have much more to post, and I know I need to do better about updating things. But we're getting into the busy-season for agility trials, so I'll have plenty to write about then!