Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from the Stump Kids

The Stump Kids have been busy every morning searching for the Easter Bunny in our back yard. They see lots of bunnies in the yard everyday, but they swear the Easter Bunny was somewhere under the shed.

Fortunately we found the Easter Bunny on our morning walk on Friday...and he wasn't in our back yard.


Happy Easter from the Stump Kids!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Videos from the 2014 National Agility Championships

You saw our disappointing Hybrid run, but here are our other three successful runs from our 2014 AKC National Agility Championships experience:

Time2Beat: Finished 9th

Jumpers: Finished 12th

Standard: Finished 12th

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TeamDailyCorgi AKC National Agility Championships Round 3

This is a few days late, and for that I apologize! But we have good reason…

Round 3 dawned rainy and gross in Harrisburg. We had high hopes for #TeamDailyCorgi to finish strong in the Hybrid in the morning, with trips to the Challengers and Finals Rounds on the line.

Unfortunately Dally and I came up short. Just like the past few years, we couldn’t capitalize in Hybrid. Instead, something caught her eye and spooked her, causing her to refuse the weaves and then want to end the run early. Our Nationals experience was over.

We waited to watch the other two #TeamDailyCorgi members in the 4-inches division. Maddie had a smoking run—Becky was pushing her to earn a placement, and she did exactly that! A clean, fast run earned her second place and a trip to the Challengers Round. Merinda and Porter had one weave pole problem, but her placement from Standard and fast times got her a spot in Challengers as well.

Jimmy and Taryn battled in the 12-inch division, hoping for a clean round, but a knocked bar going over the double jump ended their first Nationals run. Meanwhile, Roger and Keebler laid it out on the line, after knocking a bar on Saturday, he knew they needed a placement to get into the Challengers Round. With a flash of her signature tail, she finished 4th in a huge, tough class.

Challengers came and so did the nerves. I was holding my breath for both Porter and Maddie’s runs—I knew whoever won the round would do great in the Finals. Porter took the lead and there was just one more run, from Maddie. Porter and Maddie compete against each other a lot at local trials, so it wasn’t anything new. Unfortunately for Becky, Maddie took a turn just a little too wide, which meant a less than a second difference between her and Porter.

Bringing home three ribbons isn't too bad!
Keebler’s Hybrid run was awesome—so fast! Roger laid it all out on the line, but unfortunately Keebler was way too hyped to hit her down contact on the dogwalk. The team still had a remarkable Nationals experience.

And, finally…Porter. Well, if you haven’t seen the news yet, Merinda and Porter rocked the Finals course and came out on top—NationalChampions! In the 4-inch division the Cardigan Welsh Corgi came out on top! Another Cardigan, Cleo, finished third and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Piper finished in fourth place.

Another Cardigan, name Marti, earned third place in the 8-inch Regular division! Corgis totally rocked Nationals!