Saturday, March 24, 2012

Corgi and Vallhund Fun in the Mud

Friday evening was so gorgeous for us that we just had to take the Stump Kids to Veteran's Park to enjoy one last fun walk with Dally before she heads towards Reno. We had some rain earlier in the day, so we knew that it would be a muddy walk. But that's OK...Dally and LaMesa love the mud, and we have shoes that are alright with getting muddy.

The trail took us all around the park, along a larger creek, which Dally tried to start swimming in (but I didn't want anything to happen right before Nationals, so no swimming for this trip). It's a great park that a lot of people frequent, but there are so many trails that you don't have to spend the entire trip avoiding people. When we get to a certain point, we like to let the girls off leash so they can run around and take in the different views. They love to run around, roll in anything smelly, wading in the mud... You get the picture.

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