Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Little One Arrives

Saturday was filled with driving. Early in the morning my friend Merinda and I loaded Dally in my truck and drove 3 hours West to Winslow, Ind., to meet the new puppy for the first time. Upon signing the contract and reading more paperwork, I met the little pup with a nub (no tail, maybe only one vertebrae) that looked like a little bear cub.

Her registered name is Mill Creek's Chyna Rust. She is out of Debbie's first Swedish Vallhund, AKC, UKC CH Pavon Mill Creek's Chyna and by AKC, UKC, CKC CH Minikota Mill Creek's October Rust (Toby). Toby is actually the littlermate to my mom's SV, Smoke, so this would make my pup his niece. I think I'm going to call her LaMesa ("Mesa") for LaMesa, Texas, which is in the heart of Red Dirt Country. I felt it was appropriate because she is the color of red dirt, and it goes along with the name of my Corgi, Dallas Mae.

So far, Dally's not too amused. LaMesa has taken to shadow Dally all around the apartment and outside for potty breaks. We think Dally was hoping she'd be only accompanying us home to go with Merinda.

So far, we have taken a family trip to PetsMart for the first time to purchase a Puppy Kong (which Dally just ate the cookies out of the bone), a puppy tuggie, and Matt bought Dally some more Dingo treats so she could be treated as well. We got a good deal on Eukanuba Selects Puppy food four-pound bag. A misprint meant I got four 4-lb bags for a total of $8...originally listed at $11.99 and meant to be $9.99 (saving $2), however the misprint said "$2.00, save $9.99." Kudos to Matt for finding that!!

As the Stump-kids finish their chewies, I pray for some quiet time. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and am hit with a hard cold. Plus, the pup decided 3:40 am was a great time to wake wake everyone up...for an hour. Luckily, I was able to turn on the radio around 5 am and get a few more hours of sleep when she crashed again.

And thus the saga of puppy raising in a small apartment begins...

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