Friday, February 3, 2012

Stop the Action! (Photos from 2011)

I finally got some new photos of the girls from one of our Fall 2011 trials. I'll post a few at a time, but they turned out so good! (I'm very thankful for the gift certificate for Paw Prints Photos that I won at the Queen City Dog Training Club--it's way too expensive for me to order photos at trials most of the time!)

Our routine before every run for LaMesa: Kiss on the nose, sit, give paw, and stay until I say "OK!"

I love how Dally's stump hairs are flying! She loves running at Queen City and always gets lots of PACH points there!

Can you tell how much LaMesa loves doing agility?? This is actually one of the best jumping shots I've seen of her because she's not flailing out her hind legs and over-jumping. 

And down goes the Corgi!!! This was towards the end of a Standard run, so she was really booking it down the A-frame!

More photos to come soon, I promise!!

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