Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tennie Time!!

The temperatures are getting warmer (as if this hasn't been an oddly-warm winter anyway) and it's starting to stay light later (yay!), so we've been doing more walks in the park after work and after I get back from the gym.

The girls especially love when we walk by the tennis courts because they can always find a rogue tennis ball nearby that they try to steal (and some times we let them).

Their most absolute favorite thing is to play "tennie ball." Dally always loved it, and I guess she passed it onto LaMesa.

So I've included a video to show them playing tennie yesterday, with a brand new ball LaMesa stole from the tennis courts (mind you, we have a whole bag/box full of tennis balls thanks to the annual Doggy Paddle). And, yes, it was warm enough on Wednesday that Matt was wearing shorts and a T-shirt!

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