Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fun Times at the NADAC Trial

This weekend the Stump Kids and I traveled just down the road to support a NADAC trial being held in Versailles. It has been 10 years since there had been an agility trial had been held in the Lexington area, so it was important for us to support the club putting it on.

We went to go play, since NADAC isn't a venue we normally trial in, but we've gone to play a couple of times and we always have a good time. Who knows...maybe we'll go to NADAC trials more, because they are a good group of people and the courses can be challenging, even at the novice level.

The one class that's definitely a keeper on our docket for NADAC trials--Tunnelers. It's a course with just tunnels. I ran it the first time with Dally last summer and she had an absolute blast! Saturday she earned her second Tunnelers Q with a first place, and so did LaMesa (though this was the first time I was brave enough to run her in this class--and it was a success)!

Dally - Novice Tunnelers

LaMesa - Novice Tunnelers

And then you have to be careful about doing other classes after Tunnelers, because your dog will get caught in the "Tunnel Vortex" during Touch N Go ...

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