Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 AKC Nationals Part 2: Arrival & Warm-Up

Thursday Dally, Porter, Merinda, and I had a relaxing morning that started with breakfast, then a quick trip to Fort Leonard Wood base to salute the troops, and get a few photos. Then we were off to finish our trip west towards Tulsa!

Saluting the troops at Fort Leonard Wood in St. Robert, Mo.

And no trip to Tulsa is complete without stopping at the "World's Largest McDonald's" and taking a photo with Will Rogers in Vinita, Okla.
Did somebody say "French fries"??

Finally, we arrived at the Tulsa Expo Center and set up our stalls: 1 for the dogs, and 1 for the humans. After check-in, we looked around the venders before getting settled in our hotels--we'd have plenty of time to shop and take more photos later.

Friday was another laid back day for the Corgi Crew--Dally and Porter were just doing the Warm-Up Standard run, which didn't count for anything, but it was good to get them out on the equipment and in the rings to get a feel for everything. Dally's run was a little wide, but I was happy with what she did. You can watch the video here.

Then we took the time to take some more photos at the facility, as well as meeting up with the majority of the other Corgis competing at Nationals for a big photo.
A flower pot o'Corgis!

This is the main arena, where three of the rings are.

There are lots of Corgis (Pembroke and Cardigan) competing here in Tulsa!


  1. The warm-up run must have been so much fun with no pressure!

    1. It is nice to have that run! Merinda and I were talking that we should have done the Time2Beat instead, just in case we had the opportunity to be able to automatically make it to the Challengers Round. For the 4-inches it ended up being a nonissue, since the winner of T2B didn't do well the rest of Nationals and used that ticket for Challengers. But, that's good to know for next time.