Sunday, April 14, 2013

Road Trips with the Stump Kids

The Stump Kids love road trips. Dally basically grew up riding shotgun in my truck--she wasn't even  year old before I moved from Indiana to Texas (15+ hour drive), then we moved to Oklahoma, and then to Kentucky. She's the ultimate co-pilot, always keeping an eye on mom, keeping me awake (OK, so it's more of a nose root to rub her belly), and being patient with my constant radio station changing. When she rides in the car (or truck), she'll find her spot in the corner of the back seat and instantly fall asleep. She wakes up on her own when she feels the car slowing for our arrival.

LaMesa, on the other hand, is always wired for car rides. She'll start off nervous about getting in the car (she'll crouch down and shake until you pick her up and put her in the back seat), but then she's excited to see where we're going. She will ride standing up the entire time and watch out the windshield like I am. She's the co-pilot that'll keep watch on you.

Now, before I get comments about how it's safer to have the dogs in crates for car rides, I'll agree, but we don't have vehicles that will allow for that. We will do that at times with friends (Dally was just fine riding in a crate on the way to and from Tulsa in Merinda's car). I guess I'm more of a lax dog owner when it comes to things like this.

LaMesa will stand up at stop lights to see where we are, and where we've been
(she likes to look out the back window, too).

On the way home to my parents' house--they have to be able to breathe in that
Indiana air and learn the new smells.

Dally knows when we're getting close to Grammy and Grandpie's house!

How do your fur kids ride in style?


  1. So much to sniff, so little time! I also cannot crate the boys- I have a 2-seater convertible! Which, of course, they love.

  2. I'm naughty too! My guys ride in the back of my Mazda5 but not in crates.

  3. OK, shew, you guys make me feel better!! Dally doesn't do anything but sleep in the car for the most part. LaMesa is starting to get a little more comfortable in the car--I've caught her actually laying down next to Dally on trips to Louisville. Hopefully the older she gets the more comfortable she'll get traveling.