Friday, April 26, 2013

Trying to Find That Q Groove

This past weekend the girls and I loaded up with the Brews Brothers and headed to Sharonville, Ohio, for the Queen City AKC Agility Trial. Trials have been few and far between lately (cutting back due to expenses), so every trial we're excited to get into and go!

I just wanted to have some fun, clean runs with the girls. Saturday started a little rough in Jumpers--LaMesa was clean, except for knocking a few bars, and Dally took an off-course tunnel entrance, followed by me getting discombobulated and lost on the course, trying to throw in a blind cross one jump too soon....oops. Oh well. The Standard saw more knocked bars, on a hard 90* from triple to double, for LaMesa, but she nailed her weaves again!

In Jumpers on Saturday, LaMesa struggled with a 180 when I should have maybe held my position for a split second longer. I thought she was committed to the jump, so I made my front cross and moved and she pulled off the jump. However, she (we) redeemed herself (ourselves) in the Standard with an equally-hard 180 and serpentine that I was so proud of her for:



And, now for your comic review, me and Dally's Jumpers run for Saturday:

 I'll post the wrap-up of Sunday's runs a little later.

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