Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walking With the Stump Kids

The Stump Kids and I go on walks everyday, at least once, if not twice, or some times three times, a day. I'm lucky to work less than 10 minutes from home, so I'm able to come home on my lunch. As long as it's not raining, I'll take the girls for a short walk just to stretch their legs, and mine. I feel like days that I don't get our lunch walk done are longer for me at work--I relish that time with them and the fresh air.

Then, depending on the weather, I'll take them for a walk after I get home from the gym after work. We'll walk anywhere from a mile to two, on top of the .75 mile loop we do at lunch. It keeps them in shape, as well as another way to exercise myself.

It's funny to see how some times they'll be total opposites at the end of the leash. Most times, LaMesa will be up front, leading the way, and Dally will be in the back, taking it all in and just shuffling along.

LaMesa leads the charge, always keeping an eye out for squirrels
up ahead. She doesn't pull on her leash, unless she sees the enemy.

Meanwhile, Dally shuffles along behind for the most part. Some times
she'll be up beside me or towards the front, but she likes to go at her own pace.

However, throw a squirrel in the mix, and they're both alert and pulling at the end of the leash! They are always on squirrel patrol on our walks.

LaMesa wears a ComfortFlex harness to help with her pulling. She can be good about heeling if I really make her do it, but I feel like walks are meant to be relaxing for both of us. Dally walks just fine with her leash collar and leash.

How do your dogs like to walk with you?

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