Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Weekend: Tough Courses = Challenging Runs

I thought I'd tried something a little different after our agility trials. I'm going to try to save the course maps, take a photo, and share them with you. I'd like to do one post with the course maps, then another with the videos and wrap-ups of those runs.

Let me know what you think! 

Anyway, this weekend we were at the Hamilton Dog Training Club's trial for another fun weekend at an indoor soccer facility. Dally loves this place, and so do I. However, the judges chosen were tough judges--this trial didn't fill for this first time in a while because of the reputation of these judges. But I wasn't deterred--I like a challenge. I just wish I was more successful this weekend. 

The Stump Kids and I walked away with only 2 Qs, and they were both in Masters Jumpers and both with Dally. 

Here are the courses, starting with Standard on Saturday and the two Jumpers courses (sorry, I can't find Sunday's Standard): 


  1. One word: Brutal!

    Can't say I know either of those judges. Either their reps precede them and the clubs in my area don't solicit them, or I've just been lucky!

  2. Nice! That's sad that people don't want to enter because of tougher courses!

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