Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 Canine Olympics: Going for the Gold, Silver, & Bronze

This past weekend was the annual Canine Olympics to benefit the Woodford Humane Society. It's a pretty big deal in the canine community in the area because it's always a good time. We spend an entire afternoon outside with our dogs, dog friends, activities, and lots of vendors.

They offer many different events such as Dress Your Dog Dash (start on 1 side of the ring, when they say go you must dress your dog in a shirt, pants, and bandana, then sprint across with your dog wearing everything), straight line dash, frisbee catch, cookie toss, outfield catch (with treats and balls), dancing with the dog stars, agility, and Halloween costume contest.

This year I entered the Stump Kids in four events each. Dally entered the Dress Your Dog Dash 10" & Under, Outfield Catch w/Ball, Cookie Toss 10" & Under, and Agility. LaMesa was entered in Dress Your Dog Dash Over 10", Straight Line Dash Under 16", Most Creative/Homemade Halloween Costume, and Agility.

The first event was the Dress Your Dog Dash. Last year LaMesa won the event when there was only one height division, so I was excited there was two height divisions so I could enter both girls. And...both girls won! Let me tell you, Dally was not too keen on being thrown into a shirt and pants, then being "drug" across the ring. But LaMesa didn't mind it at all! It was fun to sweep the gold medals with the girls.

We went medal-less in the Straight Line Dash (LaMesa was 5th) and Outfield Catch (I did a bad toss to Dally on the second toss, such a bummer since we were silver medalists last year). With LaMesa, I was excited to bring out my Halloween costume I had been working on for a couple of weeks just for her. Matt and I always said we thought LaMesa was the perfect Minion from Despicable Me. So, some t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants later, you have my very own Swedish Minion:

She had some tight competition, with one friend dress her Duck Tolling Retriever into a Duck Dynasty character (she even held a duck call in her mouth):

And then Merinda, the Crafting Queen, with tons of imagination and creativity, came up with a great costume for Porter and Stout:

That's right...Porter and Stout were Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus (without the twerking). Genius!! For better photos of their costume, check out the Brews Brothers Blog. (Thanks to our friend, Jodi, for the above photos.)

The Duck Commander won the silver medal while the Swedish Minion got the bronze! Unfortunately, the grooming job costume you see in the background of the boys' photo won the gold and the boys were gypped out of a medal this year. I think it was maybe too controversial of a costume, or the judge had no clue who they were.

Finally, Dally won the silver in the Cookie Toss 10" & Under (eat as many cookies in 15 seconds as possible), and LaMesa won the silver in the Agility, getting barely beaten by a Border Collie! She handled things really well, considering how much activity she had done before, and how much was going on around us during.

So out of eight events, the Stump Kids brought home five medals: 2 golds, 2 silvers, and 1 bronze

And we celebrated with puppy lattes from Starbucks: 

Overall, it was a great success. The pups had fun and were exhausted by the time we got home, which meant a quiet evening for me!


  1. The minion costume is spot on awesome, and LaMesa looks so cute in it!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun to put together.