Friday, November 22, 2013

Agility Trial: Dally Gets Her Final Nationals Points

I'm a little late on wrapping up our last AKC trial we attended (Nov. 9-10), but I'm making up for it now. (Note: I've somehow misplaced all of the course maps from this weekend. Blogger FAIL. Sorry!)

Just a week after competing at Queen City, we were back. It was the third weekend in a row at an agility trial, but I knew that Dally and I could finish up the points needed for AKC Nationals this weekend, as long as I didn't make any unnecessary mistakes.

Saturday's runs were great. In Jumpers I made sure I didn't push too much in the weaves (which I know was my mistake the week prior) and to just run the course with simple cues. Standard was a little tricky with having to call her off the chute off the teeter, but luckily she listened.

(I love Blair Kelley and Dan Faulkner's courses, by the way.)

Sunday I wanted to push her a little more, but I had to remember to be more deliberate with my cues.

Here's the jumpers run:

This was fun with the serpentine, then a push for the big pinwheel. Both LaMesa and Dally handled that very well, so I was proud of both girls.

We didn't get a standard video, but I went in needing just a few more points for Nationals with that run. We came out of it in great shape! At the end of the weekend we had 513 points towards the AKC National Agility Championships!!

Dally's now on a long vacation from agility for a while. I usually do that a couple times a year to help her recharge her body and her love of agility. It's well-deserved--we're now just  5 QQs and 204 points from her PACH2. Who would have thought that we would be going to AKC Nationals three years in a row and be close to our PACH2??

For those pushing for their last points this weekend and next, I wish you good luck and best runs!! I was able to pull from the Merrillville, Ind., trial being held Nov. 29-Dec. 1 (I entered Nov. 29-30 just in case) since I have my points, so hopefully others can get their last points.


  1. Yay for you and Dally!

    I've got trials both days this weekend and then the 29th and 30th. Too late to pull from those even if we have a great weekend this one.

    Blair Kelly is a great judge! Fun, pleasant and generous. He's also fun to watch run his little Norwiches.

    1. Good luck!!! I'll be thinking positive thoughts (Bars up!) this weekend for you, and the Kids have their stumps crossed for Jimmy!