Monday, November 11, 2013

LaMesa Turns 4!

I interrupt our regularly-scheduled agility posts to wish my little chupacabra-honeybadger-baby-wofl-hybrid a happy 4th birthday!!!

LaMesa, the "baby bear" the first night we had her.

LaMesa's first agility ribbons from a CPE trial.

LaMesa's first agility trial ever, a CPE trial in Ohio.

Life with LaMesa is certainly never boring. She's been a lot of fun to own, train, and compete with--no matter how frustrating she can be. Some times it's pretty hard for Matt and I to remember she's a dog--she has some many child-like qualities, emotions, and actions that makes us feel like she's just a fury human walking on four legs.

She's taught me a lot, and I hope I've taught her a lot as well. She might not be as consistent or dependable as Dally, but she's good for a laugh. 

We celebrated her birthday this weekend (it's Nov. 10) at the agility trial--I made dog cookies for her to share with her friends (I'll post the recipe on here soon) and she got lots of loving from everyone. 

Here's hoping now that she's 4 we'll be a more consistent team and she'll be a little more mature and a little more domesticated…..