Thursday, November 28, 2013

Stump Kid Link Love

I do "Link Love" posts on my other blog often, so I thought since I had a few dog posts I loved reading lately, I'd share with you.

The Psychology of Dogs-Infographic (DogGeek): This is fascinating! It talks about dogs' most common phobias, their history, etc. Definitely check this out.

Weathering the Storm (Cesar's Way): I'm sure I've mentioned on here before, but LaMesa is terrified of storms. The first rumble of thunder, and she's shaking and wanting in my lap. We bought her a ThunderShirt, and it helped the first couple of times, but she's still scared for a while when storms begin. This article enlightened me that we need to do more calming behaviors when it's not storming (i.e., have her wear her ThunderShirt on sunny days, so she associates the shirt more with calm times, not just storms). I'm definitely keeping this bookmarked.

To All Novices (Full Tilt Border Collies): This blog post has gotten a lot of traction this week. Merinda shared it on Facebook, as well as others in the agility community. Why couldn't I have read this years ago?? I was so intense when I started competing in agility with Dally (like I was when I showed horses). I've since calmed down and started to enjoy the process more than feeling like we have to be #1 all of the time, though there are still times that I catch myself not enjoying the time I spend with Dally and LaMesa, and that has to stop. Everyone should read this, not just novices.

71 Reasons We Need to Save Corgis from Extinction (BuzzFeed): OK, so I don't know if this has much to it that Corgis are going extinct, but you gotta love BuzzFeed for their love of Corgis. This is perfect for your daily dose of Corgi Cuteness. (Yes, that is a medical prescription.)

I hope you enjoy checking out these posts/sites!

Your turn: Share your favorite web finds from the week in the comments below!

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