Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stump Kid Link Love 2: Early Takeoff Syndrome, E Dogs, & Running

Once again I've found some more interesting posts that I thought would be great to share with everyone, whether you're an agility competitor or just a dog lover.

Early Take Off Syndrome (Awesome Paws): I find it funny we always try to label every little thing that has to do with agility…every move, every fault, it has it's own name. I've been told that LaMesa might have ETS. I don't believe her issue is physical, because some times she jumps a consistent arc, other times she takes off early and high. I think part of it has to do with her having to jump 12" for a while, so now that we're jumping 8", and I'm working on some jump grids to help shape her jumping better, I'm hoping she'll be more consistent with her jumps. But this is still rather interesting to read.

R Dog vs E Dog (EmDogs): Merinda posted this on Facebook a while ago, and it's a good read, so I wanted to share it with you as well. LaMesa is definitely and "E Dog" because she doesn't need much prompting. She does tend to stick close to me, but she's not as focused on me as Dally is. LaMesa's just pumped to be out there, and there are times she'll take an obstacle she'd rather take than what I'm telling her to. Dally was an "R Dog" when we started because she was much slower and waited to make sure the obstacle ahead of her was what I wanted her to take. We didn't really have many refusals, but she certainly didn't run off like LaMesa would. Which dog is/was your dog?

10 Ways Having a Dog is Like Running (Olive to Run): I love, love, love this post! As a dog mom, and as a (sometimes) runner, I totally agree with all of these. Especially No. 2, I truly understand how running (or even just working out) and your dogs can be there for you no matter what.  Which one was your favorite?

What's been one of your favorite reads lately?

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