Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GLTC Kentuckiana Cluster AKC Agility Trial: Course Maps

This weekend the Stump Kids and I traveled an hour west to compete at the Greater Louisville Training Club's Kentuckiana Cluster--four days of dog shows: rally, obedience, agility, conformation... Pure craziness.
The following are the course maps from Saturday and Sunday, from judges Tim Pinneri, Jennifer McDonald, and Annette Natal.

Coming up, our wrap-up!


  1. It's funny how Tim Pinneri always puts his own path on course maps. I wish he wouldn't - it's more of a hindrance than a help to me. When I get those maps, I feel like saying "I have enough to worry about with my and my dog's path. I can't be concerned with where you're going to be when - it's your job to stay out of our way". I also like to make my own markings on the map, and his dashed lines add more confusion. Anyone else feel that way? Thanks for letting me rant.


    1. Janet, I never really pay attention to the judge's path, I just worry about my own. I've never had to worry about where the judge is in consideration to my dog because I'm so focused on my dog and the obstacles.

  2. Lots of good challenges there. A good warm-up for the Nationals!