Sunday, November 2, 2014

Catching Up: Gonna Be Big Sisters

It has been a long time since I've updated things on this blog. I have quite a bit to catch you up on the lives of the Stump Kids, so we'll do it in spurts.

First, and maybe most important, is that the girls have a big job ahead of them in a few months.

LaMesa's sign: "I'm gonna be a big sister!! (But I'm always your 'Baby Bitz'.)
Dally's sign: "Oh no, another one?? (I'm still #1)"

That's right...the Stump Kids will be adding a third to their posse...only this time, it won't be another Corgi or another Vallhund (and, yes, those were the first guesses by not only my husband, but my family)...

Stump Kid #3

We are expecting Baby A&W February 11, 2015. I think LaMesa's just concerned that it doesn't have a tail because, after all, we don't believe in tails in this house. ;-) 

They say pets can tell when something's different, like a pregnancy. I don't know if I can say that either Dally nor LaMesa have changed their temperaments or attitudes towards anything--they're both about the same. M's cat, Sean, though, has been extra cuddly with me, and sleeps right by my stomach at night in bed since I've found out. 

I found out in mid-June, so I have been continuing to train and compete in agility with the dogs (on top of running and doing CrossFit), however my last agility trial until after the baby comes is this coming weekend. It just worked out that way--we usually don't do any trials in December, and the only trial we hit in January is towards the end of the month, and I won't be allowed to travel very far from home just a couple weeks before I'm due.

I'm currently reading as many tips as possible on how to prepare the pups for the new addition. I know how to prepare for a new puppy, but this will be completely different. We already know about having someone bring a baby blanket from the hospital home before we come home so they can smell the baby. My main concern is Dally, because she's been my number one all her life. Plus the girls have been my life for a long time now, but the baby will take over a lot of our time and be a major part of our lives that I don't think they'll ever be prepared for. I'm not looking to "replace" the pups with the baby--I want them to be a big part of the baby's growth. 

I also worry about LaMesa and how she'll handle a baby/child in our house. She's usually pretty timid around little kids--a lot of the time it's because of their sudden, jerky movements and their rush to see her when we're on our walks. Dally loves little children, so that's not a worry. Though I've been told by those who know LaMesa that she'll probably surprise everyone and easily "adopt" the baby as her own and be very protective of it. 

For now, we'll see. It'll definitely be an adjustment and different life for the Stump Kids from here on out...

Any tips about introducing (spoiled) child-like dogs to a baby are greatly appreciated.


  1. Wow, congratulations! Big changes coming!

    1. Thank you! Yes, very big changes coming! It'll be interesting.