Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is that a...?? No.

So lately I've had the pleasure of trying to introduce the Swedish Vallhund to the non-AKC world. It's amazing the different types of dogs, or mixes, they think Mesa is. "Is that a German Shepherd puppy?" No. "Is that a Corgi?" No. "Is that her (as in Dally's) puppy?" No. "Is she a mutt?" Definitely NO.

It's especially hard when taking her to the veterinarian for her puppy shots. Apparently their office management system hasn't read the latest AKC Gazette to know that there is such a breed as the Swedish Vallhund. When I made her original appointment, they admitted that there was no selection for a "Swedish Vallhund" in their they put her as a mutt. Now no offense to mix-breeds, but she'd be a rather expensive mutt. Today, for her second visit/last set of shots, it was discovered that she was inputted as a Corgi. Thankfully, the receptionist knew enough to know she wasn't a Corgi (anyone with any sense will see there is hardly any resemblance between her and Dally), but instead left her breed designation blank, rather than put "mutt." My sanity thanks you...

Another frustration is trying to learn more about the breed. When I got Dally, my family was able to buy me two really great books on the Pembroke Welsh Corgi which opened my eyes to the stubborn, too-intelligent darlings before I experienced her with all her "Corgi quirks" in person. These books are easy to find at your local PetsMart, Borders, etc. However, try looking up a book on Swedish Vallhunds, and you'll find the selection is nill. According to Mesa's breeder, there are such books...they just happen to be printed and sold in England and cost around $100 each. Yeah...umm, the last time I purchased a book for more than $20 was when I was college and those were required.

So I guess I'll keep browsing the different Vallhund sites (which aren't many) and hopefully I'll get to start talking to other Vallhund owners to learn more about this different breed. Like this blog is's all a learning experience...

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