Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Educational agility blog

So, thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter (yes, I tweet--@MLArszman), I found an educational agility training blog that has recently started posting chapters from a clicker training book! I invite everyone to check out the Agility Nerd for some interesting exercises and notes on training for agility at any level. (

I've already downloaded the first chapter to Click and Play Agility: Clicker Training for Successful Dog Agility, by Angelica Steinker and saved it in Word. I'm going to wait for the next chapter to come out so I can read through both chapters at once to get a good idea and a good start on Mesa's clicker training. If anyone has read this entire book, please share with me any thoughts. I've been slowly looking for a book, but I don't want to purchase one online unless I can flip through it and see if I might like to read it. (I'm picky, what can I say?)

On another note, the other night when I was working the clicker with Mesa (we do it every other night, when I remember), Dally actually stayed just on the other side of the coffee table from us. I was happy to see her out and not quivering in the corner, so every few clicks I'd throw a treat out to her and praise her for being so brave.

Mesa's getting bigger! I had to loosen up her collar the other night. I'll try to post a new picture later.

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