Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just a little advertisement

I just wanted to through in a little advertisement for my mom's Etsy store, AllWooledUp. She makes recycled, re-purposed purses/totes from Wool sweaters (some top-of-the-line sweaters like Abercrombie, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.) and uses felt to create designs. Everything is done by hand, from the cutting, design, lining, re-purposing purse handles, etc. She can even do custom work (she's made pillows featuring Dally's head, my cat's head, a friend's Cardigan Corgi, and a purse with a friend's Chihuahua) if you send photos.

She also has been making necklaces in various sizes and colors featuring glass, natural stone, and wood beads.

Anyway, please take a moment to check out her store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/allwooledup

She'll also be opening up another Etsy store featuring re-purposed/recycled dog toys. She'll custom finish a toy specifically for your dog. Does you dog like teddy bears that squeak? She can insert as many squeakies into a stuff teddy bear as you'd like. Does he like the crunch of a water bottle? Those can be inserted as well. It'll be called "Smokey Joe's Toy Box" (after her Swedish Vallhund) and I'll keep y'all updated with it's debut.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

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  1. Hey there. I read on Twitter that your mom is working on a Tibetan Terrier bag and I wanted to find out more about that. Do you share her email address? I have a blog too: http://deepacresfarm.blogspot.com/