Saturday, November 10, 2012

LaMesa Turns 3!

It's hard to believe, but LaMesa turned 3 years old today!

This was taken at her breeder's when I picked her up at 8 weeks.
She was quite concerned about moving to Kentucky.

I still feel very lucky to have gotten to meet and bring home my little chupcabra-honeybadger-baby-wolf-hybrid. She's always so happy to see me when I come home (even if I've only been gone a few minutes) and makes even the most stressful, irritating days so much better with all her loving.

She looked like a little baby bear when we first got her!

And while our training and trialing has been a test in my patience and positive thinking, I'm thankful for all the learning we're doing together--while I'm training her, she's training me!

We're still getting together as a team...check back next year!

She's been trialing for a year now, training for two. I've been told to be patient, that it'll all come together, and when it does we'll be a team to beat. So, we'll continue down our road. Let's just wait and see where we are when she turns 4.

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