Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to Business

OK, back to agility business...

Dally and I have been hitting it hard--we're so close to finishing our PACH! Two weeks ago we were up in Springfield, Ohio, for a trial that I thought would culminate with us getting those final two QQs and 57 points needed. However, on our first run on Saturday, Dally hopped off the teeter and the teeter bounced up and hit her square on the badonk. I didn't realize she was hurt until after I sent her over the next jump and noticed she was three-legged. Talk about a gasper!

I carried her off the course and straight to Kim Wolfe, a trainer who is also a vet technician, and we checked her for an injury to her ACL--luckily that was alright. After a little massage, rest, and then some light walking, she was back to trotting on all four legs. We think it must have been just a stinger or something. I kept an eye on her and decided to give Jumpers a whirl later in the day, and she came back a rock star earning second and 10 points. Sunday we got QQ #19 and 32 more points, so now we're down to needing only one QQ and 16 points. I'm hoping we can get that this weekend at Queen City. That's basically like our home turf--that's where we got our first QQ last July, where we rack up the most points and QQ the most. So it's only appropriate we go for our PACH there.

For LaMesa, the Springfield trial saw some solid runs from her, but missed weaves were our downfall yet again...

We're seeing growth in our teamwork at the trials, but we just can't seem to get all the pieces to fall into place to Q. This past weekend I took her to Goose Creek to work on some courses and she was ON IT! I was so pumped! We were hitting our rear crosses, she was nailing tough weave entrances...everything. So I'm hoping we can carry that into Queen City and maybe celebrate a Q some time this weekend as well!

I promise I'll do better about updates!

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