Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Stump Kids Turned Ring Bearers

So I had promised that I'd be better about keeping the Stump Kids' blog updated...and then I failed for like a month. BUT, I had good reason--I got married in October! And, yes, the girls were part of our wedding--duh!

You see, when Matt proposed to me almost 3 years ago, he had LaMesa run up to me with the ring on a lanyard around her neck. So it was only appropriate that Dally and LaMesa were our ring bearers when we were married Oct. 6.

My friend, Julie, made the collars for the girls--I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but upon inspiration from Pinterest, she was able to put together the perfect collars for them that wasn't too froufrou, but just enough to dress them up.

We had the girlfriend of one of Matt's groomsmen be in charge of the girls (she was dubbed "Pup Wrangler") in the back row and she waited until the words "May I have the rings please?" were spoken by our officiant (who was also my brother-in-law), and she released them to run down the aisle. Well...LaMesa sprinted down the aisle (after spending the whole ceremony barking trying to get to us) and Dally took her time trotting down the aisle (as only Dally could do). Then Merinda clipped a leash on LaMesa to keep her from jumping on me, while Dally got to wonder around during the rest of the ceremony (including doing her business behind the officiant...yes, she did...).

For a full recap of my wedding, you can check out my other blog.

Here are a few photos from friends and our photographer to share. Plus a video by a friend of the girls running down the aisle (thanks, Ian!).
Photo by Camille
Sophia was a great pup wrangler! (Here the girls were waiting for me
to walk down the aisle.)

Professional photo by Zimmerman Photography
LaMesa was so happy to be reunited with mom and dad!

Professional photo by Zimmerman Photography
I was so happy we incorporated the dogs into our wedding--
they're very special to me!

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