Friday, December 21, 2012

The Stump Kids View the Southern Lights

It's hard to imagine that Christmas is now less than a week away. It's been hard to get into the Christmas spirit because of the uncommonly warm weather, events such as Connecticut, and M's stress of waiting on a phone call on a job interview he had last week.

Dally and I at the Christmas lights display at Buffalo Trace
But Tuesday night we took the dogs to go so the Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park, a cool drive-through Christmas light show that ends with different booths and activities in the International Museum of the Horse (if you're in the area, I totally recommend going). Yes, that's right...most families take their children to go see the lights, but we take our "fur-children". When M and I were first dating, we took Dally to see the lights at the Horse Park and all around Lexington. She was enamored with Christmas lights.

Dally looking out the window of the
truck while going through the
Southern Lights this year. (I couldn't
get a photo of LaMesa because she
wouldn't stay still in the back seat.)
I know dogs are color blind, but I think they can captivated by the movement of the twinkling lights. And Dally is definitely one of those that loves it. When she sees the lights, she stands up at the window in the back seat and stares at it until we roll the window down. She'll then hang her head out and just watch the lights. Last night I brought her up to the front seat and she laid on my lap and rested her chin at the window and just watched.

LaMesa seems to have learned to love the lights, too, because last night she would run across the back seat of the truck between the two windows, as if to try to get in as much of the lights as possible.

We finished off the evening with a late dinner and finishing up some shopping. I think the evening relieved some of the tension and stress we've been feeling, plus got us both into the holiday spirit.

How are you getting you and your fur-kids into the holiday spirit?

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