Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Packing It Up, Heading West

This weekend was all about enjoying the hint of Spring that hit us. After my long training run (part 10-mile race, part 5K warm-up to get 13 miles), I took the Stump Kids to a show 'n go at Goose Creek. The one bad thing about the show 'n go was how close it was from the end of my race (I was heading back to the car at 11, the show 'n go was at noon). 

The show 'n go had three nested courses, and I, of course, had to start walking one of the harder ones first. And, of course, I quickly realized that I did not have enough legs left to keep up with LaMesa, who was loving the beautiful weather and chock full o' energy. And she was so off the grid, I couldn't get her to keep her start line stay long enough for me to get to a comfortable spot to start the runs. It made me realize that if I'm not running with her, our timing is off, which means knocked bars and not-so-tight turns. Needless to say, our first course was a disaster. But our second one, which was the easiest one, turned out better (she was a little worn out).

For Dally, it was my chance to do a couple last minute tune-ups on the weaves, teeter, tight turns, etc., in preparation for Nationals. Thankfully (or maybe, not thankfully?) I had enough legs to keep up with her better than LaMesa, so we were able to have clean runs. She ran happy, was fast in her weaves, and listened well, so that's all I can ask for right now.

Sunday Matt and I took them to go walking around Keeneland Race Course, where we could turn them loose and they could just trot or run beside us, take in the new smells, and burn some energy. We threw the tennie a few times, since we had lots of space and they loved it. It was definitely a great way to work out some pre-Nationals jitters and get some fresh air. 

I think they enjoyed it:

LaMesa tends to be like Matt's little shadow.

Can't you just here the, "Zzzzzooooooooooooomm!!!!!" as she sprints by?

Now we're all about washing last minute items, starting to gather snacks, and putting together packing lists for Dally and myself. We're loading up Merinda's car and heading to Tulsa Wednesday afternoon, after Dally's chiropractor appointment. We'll be driving part-way and staying in Missouri that night and then finishing the trip Thursday. 

Don't worry, we'll be blogging, tweeting, and Instagramming from Tulsa. Be sure to follow!!

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