Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Friend Keebler--the Tailed Corgi Wonder!

OK, so I'll admit some times I'm not much of fan of tails (unless they're attached to certain dogs, like Porter and Stout), but I am a fan of one mighty Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a tail--Keebler.

Keebler's owned by Dr. Roger O'Sullivan and his wife, Elissa. I got to know the O'Sullivans very well last year when Roger drove Dally across the country to Reno with five other dogs, including Keebler, for the 2012 AKC Nationals. Keebler is a rescue dog, but she was more like a diamond in the rough. She's so fast, so smart, such a good girl. Roger's been hitting agility trials every weekend in hopes of qualifying her for the AKC Invitational, which is hard for a popular breed like the Pembrokes. Even harder--Keebler jumps 12-inches, while majority of the other Pembrokes jump 8-inches. Yet she's still in the top 4 (the top 4 in each breed is invited to compete as the best of the breed).

Well, now Keebler's been invited to compete in the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals at Spa Beach Park in Tampa, Fla., on May 4.

How awesome is that?? I rarely see any Corgis at these events! She'll be in the weave pole challenge and maybe the agility (I can't remember for sure).

Here's a news article the Columbus, Ohio, meda did on Keebs: Rescue Corgi Entered in Purina Competition in Tampa

The event won't be televised live on national television, but it is being recorded for television for some time in June. I'm sure Elissa will let me know when it'll be on, and until then, her sons are with Roger right now and I'm sure they've been instructed to record every moment of Roger and Keebler's domination.

Go, Keebler, Go!!!

(Photo from Elissa's Facebook, by Calvin Clutter, taken at AKC Nationals 2013.)

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