Monday, May 20, 2013

Shopping Stump Kid Style

Going shopping with the Stump Kids is always an adventure.

First Dally starts sniffing for samples. We always start in the dog food aisles because those are the most fun.

Dally finds that it's her job to clean up under the shelves for the humans. She's not picky when it comes to flavor.

Agreeing on what treats to buy is a family ordeal. Both girls have to give their sniff of approval: If they bite at the product, it's going home with us, if they turn nose, it goes back on the shelf. On this day, both bags of Dentley's Chewies went home with us. And the girls love them!

How do you shop with your pets?

(Sorry for the blurry photos--the camera was in Indiana at the time, so the best we could do was the Iphone. The girls are fast shoppers, so they were blurs for most photos.)


  1. I rarely shop with my guys. They are much too prone to shop-lifting ;-)

    1. LOL I have to watch LaMesa if open treats are where she can get to them--she's been known to nab quickly, which means paying for half-slobbered treats.