Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stump Kid Link Love 3: Step-In Handlers, Fostering Pets & Healthy Weight

Cold, snowy days mean no training and really short pup walks, so that leaves more time for reading! Again, here's another collection of some good dog-related reads I hope you enjoy as well:

Can Other Handlers Run Your Agility Dog (Agility Fusion): The headline alone caught my attention. I've had Merinda run Dally at a trial once, when I suffered a stress fracture in my foot. It took a little bit, but they were a good team. I think Dally would probably run with a particular few, with good enough treats and time. LaMesa, however…no way. She'd be too busy trying to find me. I've tried to run my friend's Papillon before…and been "Gussed" (meaning he just ran off). It's not easy to run another dog or have someone run your dog. But just the basic obedience so someone can easily just walk our dog is key for any dog.

Top Ten Reasons Why People Foster Corgis (The Daily Corgi): This will tug at your heart strings, but this post has a lot of valid points about fostering a Corgi (or any other dog or cat for that matter). Fostering a pet will not only help save a life, but make yours because you will gain friends and forever connections when your foster is adopted. My one concern would be getting attached way too easily, which I tend to do. But that's why I volunteer at the humane society. Think about it.

Keeping Your Agility Dog's Weight Healthy All Year (Agility Fusion): As a Corgi owner I'm always concerned about Dally's weight…year-round. Winter is always a concern because I feel like we're less active than we usually are during the summer, so I try to do things like walks through the park so the girls can go off leash and run through the tall grass--I call it "cross country training." I also cut back on the girls' kibble and add more veggies in their dinner. I also worry about my weight during the winter, which can affect our performance in agility, so it's important to remember yourself, too.

Hopefully you enjoy these posts! Share a favorite read in the comments below.


  1. On that fateful day I tripped in the parking lot of my agility school, I hobbled inside. I knew I couldn't run Jimmy, so I sat with a cold-pac on my knee, and decided to see if Jimmy would run for someone else. My friend Gretchen runs FOUR Pems so I felt confident she would be un-intimidated by wild-man Jimmy as well as knew the corgi mind-set. I did not know if Jimmy would run with her. She got him from the crate, he looked back at me like, wait this isn't right, she handed him a treat or two, took him to the line and off they went! He ran for her just fine. And it was fun to watch someone else run my dog....But I really want to get back to doing it myself now!

    1. Merinda ran Dally for me one weekend and it was fun to watch, but it was so nerve wracking. Ironically, I'm now going to start working a friend's Mini Poodle and might be running him at Nationals for her after she had an accident, so now I'll be extra nervous in PA!

    2. I CAN NOT wait to see you run James Brown! :)
      Dally was easy to run, you just need the key to her little fluffy heart: tripe patties.