Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chasing Bags--LaMesa Tackles Lure Coursing

The Stump Kids have been on an agility sabbatical, taking a break from training and trialing for multiple reasons (time off needed, finances, etc.), but that doesn't mean we haven't been totally dead.

Just a little over a week ago, I headed two hours south to Columbia, Ky., to take part in the Bluegrass Coursing Club's Coursing Ability Tests. They offered one test Friday evening, two Saturday, and two on Sunday. We pre-entered Friday just to see if the girls would even be interested. Well, one was very enthralled with it. The other....yeaaahhhh...not so much. Can you guess which was which?

If you haven't guessed, here's a video hint:

So...can you guess who earned her first qualifying leg on Friday, and then the final two legs on Sunday (yes, we went back)? That's right. LaMesa went 3-for-3 to become only the second Swedish Vallhund to earn her CA title!

Here was run #1, in the rain:

(Complete with cheering from the Brews Brothers)

Run #2 on Sunday:

(The yelp at the end of her run was not LaMesa, so don't worry, she wasn't hurt!)

Run #3 on Sunday:

I loved how every time the judge asked me "Ready?" LaMesa answered with a bark. (See, "Ready?" is what I use to rev her up in training when she's getting tired.) I also loved how every time she'd catch the bag at the end, she'd give it a little shake then run towards me like "Did you see me, momma??"

I joked that this was the easiest title I've ever earned with her, but it was so natural! LaMesa loves to run and loves to give it her all, so those 300 yard sprints were nothing for her.

I might go for her CAA, which requires just seven more qualifying runs, but I'm not going to spend the money, nor the time, to drive two hours again. Hopefully the BCC will have some events closer to Lexington, and that's when you'll see me out there. It was a fun break from the usual training and agility, and fun to watch dogs of all breeds go for the bag.

Mill Creek's Chyna Rust RN, AX, AXJ, NF, CA

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  1. Great post! Loved those videos. LaMesa very obviously loved chasing it! She was hauling. It was cute to see her little white bunny-butt running off into the distance. Congrats on the title!