Thursday, July 24, 2014

Winning Is About More than Just Trophies

I'm doing a little cross-posting today because this is an agility-related subject, so why not post this on my dog agility blog?

Recently I had the opportunity to write an editorial for Clean Run Magazine. Yep, that's right, the agility magazine to end all agility magazines, and one some say is the "Agility Bible". So that's pretty cool, right? Anyway, I had pitched an idea to them back in March and they wanted me to share my friend's story with the rest of the agility community.

You might already read The Brews Brothers blog, managed by my good friend Merinda. You've followed along on her training and struggles with Porter, her 9-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and now Stout, his younger brother. We all cheered when she won the Preferred National Agility Championship in 4" with Porter in Harrisburg, and I know I definitely cheered when they finally finished their PACH in May. While we all know the hard work and the dedication it takes to build a championship team, whether a national championship or an agility championship, but Merinda's story is so much more than just constant weave pole training and behavior shaping. Which is why I wanted to share her story.

My editorial came out in the August 2014 issue of Clean Run, so you can read it for yourself in there, or you can read it on my writing website where I have uploaded the PDF from the magazine. (Megan Arszman Communications--Winning and Being a Success it About More than Trophies)

Thank you for being such an inspiration, Merinda! 


  1. Wonderful article! You had me in tears though!

    1. Haha Sorry about that! Reading through it brings a little mist to my eye, too. I had wanted to do more, but this was the max Clean Run would allow.